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Living with Art w/ Timeline (V2)

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About the Author It is with a deep respect that Mark Getlein undertakes the work of revising Gilbert's Living with Art. The challenge in his work has been to retain the style, wit, and clarity of Ms Gilbert's voice, while recognizing the important changes in the art world since the publication of the fifth edition in 1997. Like Ms Gilbert, Mr. Getlein brings to the effort a wealth of experience in art publishing to the task - as a contributor to the fifth edition of Preble's Artforms and as a contributing author and developer on the first edition of Marilyn Stokstad's Art History where he developed the chapters on India, China, Japan, and Africa and authored many of the boxes and captions that integrate the images into broader cultural and artistic context. Mark is currently developing A History of Art in Africa for Abrams and The Longman Anthology of World Literature for HarperCollins. Read more


Even though I wish I had paid for two day shipping and had gotten the book earlier, It was worth it. I was sad to wait a few days longer but when I got the book I was relieved , but packaging was in excellent condition! But pretty much it was worth it. :-) As far as the book goes, It's a great book to read but there is a newer version than the one I got. I kind of wished I had gotten that one for the price I paid for this one. But It was good enough for my humanities class. I really enjoyed it!

Salomé A Tragedy in One Act

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Salomé A Tragedy in One Act by Oscar Wilde


Beautiful printing on heavy stock paper. The clear, sharp, detailed prints of Beardsley's sophisticated pen and ink illustrations are suitable for framing. I purchased this in preparation to better enjoy the Houston Grand Opera's upcoming 2020 performance of "Salome" in German.

Aubrey Beardsley and Victorian Sexual Politics (Clarendon Studies in the History of Art)

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In the first serious examination of Aubrey Beardsley's drawings, poetry, and unfinished erotic novel, this book looks beyond dismissals of Beardsley's work, and offers a stimulating reconsideration of his artistic perspective. By examining Beardsley's work within the social, artistic, and literary context of the 1890's, Zatlin demonstrates that behind the choice of his subject matter there was more than simply a desire for sexual exploration: there was also a serious protest against hypocrisy and against the sexist social conventions that fostered that hypocrisy. She explores the various types of women revealed in his art, and argues convincingly that gender relations were Beardsley's overwhelming concern, and that his main achievement emerged as an erotic art which challenged public sexual morality.


Aubrey Beardsley: 130 Drawings and Prints

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Aubrey Vincent Beardsley was an English illustrator and author. His drawings in black ink, influenced by the style of Japanese woodcuts, emphasized the grotesque, the decadent, and the erotic. He was a leading figure in the Aesthetic movement which also included Oscar Wilde and James A. McNeill Whistler. Beardsley's contribution to the development of the Art Nouveau and poster styles was significant, despite the brevity of his career before his early death from tuberculosis. Beardsley was a public as well as private eccentric. He said, "I have one aim—the grotesque. If I am not grotesque I am nothing."